The Pegasus Method

Become a better athlete by training with progressive programming and exceptional coaching.  You owe it to yourself to work with one of the best so that you can enjoy your fitness journey more.  

Are you frustrated with your fitness progress?

Are you still having trouble getting your first pull up?

Still can't lose weight even though you train hard and frequently?

Are you struggling to build strength?

We have the solutions that fit your needs!

What we offer:

  • Complete Program Packages: to improve skills like pull ups

  • Nutrition coaching: to successfully lose weight and keep it off

  • Individualized Online Strength Coaching: to reach your personal goals and build strength and/or muscle mass

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Complete Program Packages

Well designed programming, complete with video tutorials and demonstrations to help you conquer your fitness goals.  

Nutrition Coaching

By using the most consistently successful nutrition system available, we will facilitate fat-loss and improve overall health as well as performance.   

Individualized Online Strength Coaching

Improve your strength in Weightlifting, Powerlifting or both!  Build muscle and increase your lifts with our experienced strength coach.  

The Pegasus Method



"Working with Tyler for over 4 years has brought me to a level of health, strength and fitness I would have never asked for.  He believes in you and that is the best motivation"

-Katja Rauch

"Training with Tyler has been transformational.  I feel healthier and my quality of life has improved tremendously.  His coaching is supportive, friendly and brings the best out of me.  Love every minute."

-Francois du Toit

"I've learned many things from Tyler this past year and everything has changed me for the better.  It has been an incredible experience, and I'll never forget it."

-Aaron Jimenez

Unlock your full potential

Use our Program Packages, Nutrition Coaching and/or Individualised Strength Coaching to develop your athleticism. Be the best you can be.


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